Useful features

    MapRoamer is an interactive map-based location and information finder on the Internet for the public. With the following features, it also provides a useful tool for city development and planning:

    1. Large scale city map display. A complete city map can be viewed smoothly by scrolling screen up/down/left/right without segment pages.
    2. Internet application. MapRoamer enables access of information on maps through Internet from anywhere in the world.
    3. Open maps. MapRoamer opens its maps for local companies/organizations to submit their location and business information directly through Internet on to the maps. The submitted information can then be viewed on maps by any Internet users.
    4. Small business opportunity on web. Small businesses can display business information and photographs through the Internet without having to create their own web sites.
    5. Future maps and plans. With another InforShell product GADB, MapRoamer allows city planners to organize and display future city maps and present development plans on maps, which can be displayed either on desk tops or on the web.


    With the above features, MapRoamer will benefit a city in the following areas sequentially:

    1. Transmit city environmental, cultural, tourist, educational, technical, and business service resources
    2. Attract tourists and industrial investments
    3. Promote city development

    How to start

    You will need to make an agreement with InforShell Technologies Inc. regarding the supplement of a city map and other necessary resources. Please contact for more information or planning arrangements.