MapRoamer -- Internet map-based information platform

The Internet application MapRoamer created using leading edge technology is an open map information platform in which map backgrounds are available for directly attaching information to specific locations. Through MapRoamer information is dominantly presented via photos and maps, supported by additional literal data, to provide the basis for a variety of Internet applications.

Advanced Technologies
  • Capable of converting large, detailed, colored, commercial hard copy maps into electronic versions of equal quality, and displaying maps on the Internet. No any map-drawing effort is required. This technology ensures competitive performance to conventional Internet maps.
  • Provides an open map system that allows businesses to attach business information and photographs onto their exact locations on map directly through the Internet, which can then be viewed by the public.
  • Offers visual location oriented information search. By choosing a city and an information category, the locations of businesses within this category will be automatically marked on the city map. Marked points can be clicked to display further information, a list of names of businesses is also provided for browsing to suit public preferences.
  • Supports retrieving data from any ODBC-accessible databases.
Application Ranges
  • Specialized Internet application: real estate, tourism, geographical surveys, natural resources, energy distribution, etc.
  • All-purpose Internet information platform: organizing a combination of information categories including business, organization, environment, resource, etc. to provide a detailed digital representation of cities or regions.
Benefits and Profits
  • Specialized Internet application: provides e-business advertisement and spatial data distribution, organized by geographical locations on map.
  • All-purpose Internet information platform: as new Internet web sites appear every day, conventional search methods for web sites involving typing a keyword into a search engine gives small companyŠŐ» web sites little chance of being found. MapRoamer uses a location oriented method of organizing businesses thus it provides a much more fair and efficient way of presenting various businesses.
  • MapRoamer server administration: profit from data management fee for submitted information and photographs.