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RevealEarth - True Color Elevations Demo

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In order to view maps and images, MapRoamer browser is required. If you don't have the latest version of MapRoamer, it can be downloaded free on our download center. No installation is required.

You will be viewing maps/images through a separate MapRoamer interface instead of internet browsers. All you need is to run Maproamer and maintain your internet connection.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, NT, Me, XP and Vista

You can run MapRoamer by "opening" it directly or first saving MapRoamer to disk, so that you do not need to download again next time.

  MapRoamer V5.0 (ZIP)
  File size= 411K; (updated 2008/09/17)

  Note: We do not support downloading through Download Accelerator or similar technologies.

RevealEarth - True Color Elevations Demo

This free demonstration contains a small portion (approximately 0.1 %) of global imagery and elevation data. To view complete image (global 1KM resolution, at 21600X43200 pixel) with index features (e.g. Zoom In/Out, Go to) and complete digital elevation model, please purchase RevealEarth-True Color Elevations.

After download and unzip (2.48MB), you can double-click RvlEarth.exe to start the demo. No installation is required.

Demo features include:

  • Approximately 0.1% of the true color image of the world at 1km resolution (NASA's Blue Marble).
  • Longitude, latitude and altitude data (GLOBE Digital Elevation Model).
  • Interactive 3D elevation plots with true color surface texture to visually illustrate drainage patterns and elevation trends.
  • Image filter to highlight areas of interest according to user's target elevation range.
  • Data export from 3D elevation plots to 3rd party applications.
  • Download RevealEarth - True Color Elevations Demo (2522KB)