3D Canada -- InforShell Digital Product

3D Canada - True Color Elevations (One CD-ROM)
-- canada 3D representation using DEM (Digital Elevation Model) database with true color image indexing & visualization
-- easy access to elevation data at 1km ground and 1m vertical resolution

3D Canada combines satellite imagery and elevation data to bring you a vivid view of the Canada's environment. You will roam a continuous true color image of Canada at 1km ground resolution (NASA's Blue Marble, 30 arc-seconds), and view cursor point longitude, latitude and altitude data (GLOBE Digital Elevation Model, 1m vertical resolution). Interactive 3D elevation plots with true color surface texture visually illustrate drainage patterns and elevation trends. The image filter feature will further highlight areas of interest according to your target elevation range.

3D Canada - True Color Elevations is an efficient assembly of geographic data for your reference, teaching or studies.

No installation required. System Requirements: MS Windows 98/NT/2000/Me/XP, CD-ROM drive.

Figure: Canada true color 3D elevation visualization
(or false color)

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